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The New Map of the Lakes

Inspired by nearly 20 years of London life, linked with his own love of the fells, Peter Burgess geographer and teacher, has now created a topological map of Alfred Wainwright’s 214 fells, akin to the London Underground map devised by engineering draughtsman, Harry Beck in 1931.  Peter is also the founder of the Online Fellwalking Club, an Internet based walking group set up during the Foot & Mouth crisis of 2001.  He has walked the fells of Lakeland for most of his life, is a founder member of the Wainwright Society.

For those new to the map, after an initial curiosity, it soon becomes apparent as to the subject matter portrayed.  Each ‘Wainwright’ fell is clearly labelled in black with its name and the colour of the ‘tube’ lines corresponds to the colours used in the seven ‘Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells’.  The map is not intended to be a navigational aid, far from it, but a novelty piece of graphic artwork uniquely illustrating the English Lake District and its famous fells or mountains.  Peter is sure that his creation, suitably entitled ‘Tubular Fells’, will be a great talking point and willing addition to the fellwalking enthusiast’s home. 

To get a taste of ‘Tubular Fells’ and to see some of Peter’s own inspiration, then you’d do no better than to watch the 2 minutes of images and video accessible via the link below, before going on to read about the story of ‘Tubular Fells’ on the rest of the website

Examining the underground maps in tube carriages on hundreds of journeys into London down the years, Peter realised he could manipulate a topological map to emulate the characteristics of a transport map featuring Lakeland’s fells.  Of course, the map is not intended nor is it designed for navigation.  At the very least Tubular Fells is an aid memoir for the 214 fells that Alfred Wainwright arbitrarily identified and described in his now celebrated pictorial guides.  Like Harry Beck’s creation from 1931, AW’s graphical works featuring the Lake District landscape are instantly recognisable.  The two men should be remembered for what they were, the creators of some of the 20th centuries most iconic cartographic and graphic art.

Beyond the fells, 17 valley lakes are included on ‘Tubular Fells’ which of course gives the Lake District its name, as well as labels identifying other locations that neatly complete the map for the purposes of interest and design.  Along with special symbols for boat services; the map also incorporates the Cumbria Way, Dales Way and Coast to Coast walk as well as the wheelchair access route ascending Latrigg, just as is depicted on many stations on the London tube.  As it was appropriate and room allowed, the famous Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway has been included – one real railway line in an otherwise fictitious world of transport routes

Director Sylvain Chomet, best known for his Oscar-nominated feature films The Illusionist and The Triplets of Belleville, has directed a series of animated commercials for Lake District Cheese Company, which screen in cinemas across England and Scotland for the next four months.

Two animated characters, Cow and Bunny (voiced by Julie Walters and comedian Will Andrews), are warmly brought to life by Chomet through the charming, almost retro, animation style for which he is best known. Set in “the land of milk and bunny,” the Lake District home of the brand, Cow and Bunny promote the cheddar’s award-winning credentials.

Chomet directed all three ads – a 30 second commercial and two 10-second “outtake” spots – for Glasgow-agency Frame Creates. It is the first time that a major UK cheese brand has taken its advertising to the cinema screen. Lake District Cheddar Company hopes the move will connect the brand with family cinema goers over the summer months when a number of blockbusters are set for release. These include the likes of King Fu Panda 2, Pixar’s Cars 2 and Smurfs 3D.

In support of the cinema campaign, the commercial will also air on catch up TV platforms including and 4OD, and UK’s leading food websites such as BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver.

“We wanted to feature the Lake District as prominently as possible, opening the piece with a long, luxurious camera move on a wide shot of the Lake District, said Gareth Keogh, th1ng producer. “This was not only a great showcase for the layouts, but also created the relaxed, summery feel that the client wanted to associate the product with. We are very pleased with the end result, in particular the high quality of animation throughout all 3 pieces.”

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