All cities have iconic buildings and perhaps none more so than New York. The new World Trade Center, which stands on the site of the twin towers destroyed during the September 11 terror attacks, has now reached its highest point.

A shining angular landmark on the New York skyline, it’s said to symbolize hope and resolve. Many critics were concerned that the tower would struggle to be profitable, only attracting government agency tenants and becoming an expensive 1,776-ft monument.

Then came Conde Nast. Taking 1 million square feet from floors 21 to 40, Conde Nast is the World Trade Centre’s anchor tenant.  Although years in the making, this deal is breathing new life into lower Manhattan and declaring it a great place to do business.

Already, other larger companies are being enticed to the area and the local economy is starting to diversify. This shows that it’s not the building that signifies New York’s resilience and resolve. It’s the companies that do that, the ones that choose to make the new World Trade Centre and Lower Manhattan a thriving hub for business once again.

Of course, we’ll never forget what happened on September 11th 2001, but those that vote with their feet and money, move in staff and create jobs, will make the World Trade Centre an infamous business address for the right reasons.  That’s got to be the most shining example of hope yet.

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