Acxiom, LondonF gases form part of the Kyoto Protocol’s ‘basket’ of greenhouse gases. Action to contain, prevent and reduce emissions of F gases has been taken by the EU as part of its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol which runs to 2012. The EU framework has been fully implemented in Great Britain by the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 (FGG Regulations 2009). The regulation applies to almost any building with an air conditioning system that utilises refrigerant and coolants to reduce the interior temperature and is especially common in larger workplaces and offices. It’s a weighty piece of legislation beyond the scope of this comment so if you have any concerns it is worth getting advice either from an installer or from the DEFRA website. It’s also a problematic piece of legislation in its own right because so far it is failing to reduce the level of emissions needed by the Kyoto Protocol. So, as part of a consultation begun at the end of 2011 and again due to be finished in the first half of 2012, the EU is proposing a series of amendments including bans on new equipment containing F gases, extending the scope of the regulations to other systems and the introduction of a scheme for the phasing out of F gases.